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The participatory design process toolkit

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Welcome to the participatory design process toolkit​

The participatory design process toolkit is designed to create a value to the different stakeholders.
For small and medium-sized companies it helps to understand the important steps of participatory design process. Follow the path of topics and questions and find out the gaps that need to be filled for scaling your business and understanding the needs of different stakeholders. The toolkit is a supportive tool for the process and is not designed to evaluate or give feedback to your service/product, nor cannot be used as decision support.
The toolkit is a valuable source also for policy makers as well as health and local authorities. It helps to understand why certain innovative solutions need to be implemented and how to empower innovative culture.
As an investor you can use the toolkit to understand the solution’s potential and become involved in the development of the solution from an early stage.

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What is your solution / product / service?​

Is your solution a medical device?​

Questions to consider for medical device

The following checklist helps you to consider basic topics, that medical device development requires.  It is not a full list, as you need to contact dedicated authorities to find out the full list of requirements. 

Describe market situation and business opportunities​​

For additional information, please check the deliverable report created within the IN-4-AHA project “Living lab testing and innovation playbook” (Chapter 2. Scaling up).

Describe your (potential) customers​

Please check the deliverable report created within the IN-4-AHA project Participatory design process principles and the needs of innovation up-scale process in the health and care sector. (Paragraph 2- Insights into Participatory Design). The report will give an insight into different methods to organise participative workshops for stakeholder engagement.

Describe the usability and accessibility of your solution​​

How do you manage your data flow?