Best Practices Month is back! [extended]

The IN-4-AHA consortium is looking for the best practices in active and healthy living, developed by Europe’s leading SMEs, entrepreneurs, networks, regional health care officials, and R&D expertise in the field.  

Futurium – Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World, is a forum-like platform where all stakeholders are free to share their projects. It also features subgroups based on the main topics of interest of the AHA community: Wellbeing and Health promotion, Ecosystems and Reference Sites, International Cooperation, Silver Economy & HealthTech, Age-Friendly environments, and, Digital Health Literacy. Not only can users advertise their events and share news, but also post on the Best practices section. Best practices can broadly be defined as innovative technologies, methodologies, projects, or programs, developed to solve a problem, or address a need regarding active and healthy ageing (AHA). 

Having doubts on how to use Futurium? See this useful guide (Futurium User Manual | Futurium ( developed by its team, and download a Q&A ( prepared by the IN-4-AHA that answers some of the most common questions and presents an overview of the website. 

Between the 1st of April and the 13th of May [deadline extended], post your best practices in Futurium! 

How to participate? 

  1. Make sure you have a futurium account  

  1. Post your good practice in the Best Practices section of the main forum or subforums, following the posting guidelines is recommended (Length – 10 lines; TRL level of the developed solution; where, by whom and how the solution has been created, tested, and deployed; link to full information, video, or other graphic material) 

  1. Use the one IN-4-AHA hashtag (IN4AHA or IN-4-AHA) to let us know you want to share your work with the consortium  

  1. Done! 

Three participants will be invited to present their project in one of our webinars, in early June! 

4th Call for Reference Sites OPEN!

Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Sites are alliances or partnerships of health and care stakeholders within a region, major metropolitan area, or geographic locality that can implement or develop innovative and person-centered solutions and digital technologies, to address the life-course health and care needs and priorities for active and healthy ageing in their region.

By bringing together all health and care stakeholders across Public Authorities, Health and Care Providers, Research, Academia, Industry, Civic Society and Patient Groups, Reference Sites can ensure there is a common understanding of the policy, organizational, technical, and financial challenges facing the region, and shared efforts are undertaken to deliver a life-course approach to active and healthy ageing. Working together the stakeholders can develop, test, implement, and scale-up new approaches, innovative solutions, and digital health technologies to improve health and care outcomes for patients and their communities; enhance the sustainability of region’s health and care systems; and create increased opportunities for research and innovation. Collectively, this can bring benefits to the region that have a multiplier effect at national and European levels for sustainable development.

 All existing Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Sites and other regions across Europe that are addressing a life-course approach to active and healthy ageing are invited to apply and be accredited as an Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Site. Becoming a Reference Site not only brings benefits to your region through the collaboration with other health and care stakeholders; it also offers opportunities to collaborate, and share knowledge, learning and good practices to address life-course approaches to active and healthy ageing with other Reference Site regions across Europe.

Further information on the 4th Call for Reference Sites, along with links to the Online application form are available here. The deadline to apply is the 31st of May.

The Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN) will also be organising Information Sessions for those wishing to apply for the 4th Call; further information and dates will be published later.