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The overall objective of the IN-4-AHA (Innovation Networks for Scaling Active and Healthy Ageing) project is to ensure the coordination and support to further scale-up mechanisms provided by the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP on AHA) and its stakeholders towards a more efficient uptake of innovation cycle in active and healthy ageing.

Moreover, the project will bring together new supply and demand actors to create a sustainable model for innovation scale-up including the technology assessment, its integration with stakeholders need and the needs for systemic change.

The specific objectives of IN-4-AHA are to develop a practical validated innovation scale-up model to facilitate the scale-up of innovative solutions across EU in active and healthy ageing supported by:

• The efficient engagement and active contributions from stakeholders´ network and ecosystem;
• The spill-over of actionable knowledge into practical tools for EIP on AHA and its Reference Sites;
• The Roadmap to implement the change and boost the scale-up;
• The Investment strategy.

If you are interested, please sign-up and join us in this exciting journey!

This form serves to ensure a transition from stakeholders that were part of the EIP on AHA network and related projects into the IN-4-AHA projects. This way, we can guarantee every stakeholder will receive GDPR-compliant and customized information regarding IN-4-AHA activities, events and actions.

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Join the panel of innovators!
Are you providing services to people 65+ to support active and healthy ageing? Would you like to reach a bigger impact with your service? We invite you to take part in a panel of innovators. The aim of the panel is to map current practices in measuring the impact of innovative services. Please click YES and join the panel, if • your organization has developed an innovative service for active and healthy ageing such as digital health or care solution; • the end-users are seniors (65 years or older), formal or informal caregivers or other organizations providing services to end users; • your service has been brought to market in at least one EU state, and you aim to scale it up and go outside your home market. By joining the panel, you will be invited to respond to short surveys during spring and summer 2021; you will receive the surveys' aggregated results and contribute to an improved framework for impact evidence and evaluation.
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