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Tools and Resources

The outcome of the Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing project is an innovation scale-up model that is validated by stakeholders and complemented by: 

  • Implementation roadmap
  • Impact evaluation toolkit
  • Strategy for long-term investments. 

On this page you can find general resources, such as IN-4-AHA’s data protection policy and a link to our general feedback survey.

To find more, browse the tabs “project outputs” and “external resources” for an overview of project outputs and relevant materials for AHA produced outside of the project.  Make sure to check our interactive participatory design toolkit, the innovation scale-up playbookand the IN-4-AHA scale-up model.



36 Videos


The IN-4-AHA Consortium organises a variety of activities and we are dedicated to welcoming feedback at any time. Whether it relates to a webinar, focus group, or any other activity organised by IN-4-AHA, we would love to receive your input via this form


The Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing “Data Protection Policy” gives a general understanding of how personal data is processed throughout the project. This document meets the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).