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What was the EIP on AHA?

The EIP on AHA (European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing) was an initiative launched by the European Commission, as part of the “Innovation Union”. It was the first EIP created in 2011, focused on the challenge of active and healthy ageing of Europe’s population. The goal was clear: to increase the average healthy lifespan of EU citizens by 2 years by 2020 through strengthening research and innovation, and creating synergies between relevant actors at EU, national, and regional level.

The EIP on AHA’s Goals and Activities

The EIP on AHA ended in 2019 but left behind a range of tools and achievements, which are available on a new platform launched by the European Commission, called Futurium. They are accessible through the links listed under “EIP on AHA Tools”.

The Blueprint sets out a common policy vision on AHA from EU policy makers, civil society, professional organisations and industry. EIP on AHA partners also created a set of 12 Blueprint personas aimed at identifying health and care needs. The profiles include aspects of a persona’s daily life, such as family, interests, hobbies, and medications. As part of the Blueprint, the partners also developed 10 guides intended to serve as “starter kits” for tackling the challenges that come with implementing digital health innovations. MAFEIP is a web-based tool with the purpose of estimating the health and economic outcomes of a large variety of social and technological innovations. Lastly, the Repository of Innovative Practices contains over 200 innovative and good practices regarding digital transformations in health and care from EIP on AHA Reference Sites.

Reference Sites (regions, cities, or care organisations that provide positive examples in the field) were also an important pillar within the EIP on AHA. During the last call in 2019, 103 regional and local organisations were awarded Reference Site status. They are currently organized under the umbrella of the Reference Site Collaborative Network.

EIP on AHA Tools



EIP on AHA Action Groups achievements