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Reference Sites

Reference Sites


What are Reference Sites?

The EIP on AHA Reference Sites are multi-stakeholder ecosystems, within a quadruple helix model (with partners from industry, civil society, academia, and government authorities) delivering creative and workable solutions that improve the lives and health of older people and the whole community. These regions focus on innovating in active and healthy ageing issues and, since 2019, there are 103 regional and local organizations who hold Reference Site status.

Reference Sites form a network for knowledge sharing and have developed and shared over 200 innovative and good practices in the field of digital transformation of health and care, which are currently accessible via Futurium

The Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN)

RSCN is an inclusive, private, non-profit network that accepted by default all the 103 Reference Sites that the European Commission selected in 2019. The overarching goals of the RSCN are to promote cooperation, share and transfer good practice in the implementation and scaling up of health and care strategies, policies, and service delivery models. The RSCN also promotes collaboration, thematic action groups and projects among EIP on AHA Reference Sites. To visit the RSCN website, click the logo below.