What IN-4-AHA has achieved so far…

As the final months of IN-4-AHA are approaching fast, we would like to take a moment to showcase how far we have come! While we are working on an inspiring conference for 7 December (save the date!) to conclude the IN-4-AHA project, there is lots of material available already for AHA stakeholders. Discover below!

As you may be aware, the past months were filled with participatory workshops for the development of the scale-up model and informative webinars on how to leverage different financing opportunities, examples of technology in assisted living, cases of successful public-private collaborations, and the challenges of data regulations. You can review all the online workshops and webinars here. IN-4-AHA launched its second call for twinnings and its second online matchmaking event, both in early 2022, to help facilitate networking and knowledge transfers between AHA stakeholders. The twinnings are currently well underway and a more detailed report will be published in the coming months.

We disseminated the report of the roundtable organized by EIT Health Scandinavia and IN-4-AHA on the potential of the German DiGA framework, and organized a second roundtable to discuss the challenges in scaling up innovation for active and healthy ageing. To offer a spotlight for good practices, we held IN-4-AHA Best Practice Month in April, during which we invited all stakeholders to share their good practices in Futurium – Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World. Two good practices were then selected to be showcased during a webinar in June: WellCo, a virtual health and wellbeing coach, and I-MANO, a training program on innovative management and organization of homecare services.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of deliverables is becoming available here on the IN-4-AHA website, such as our recommendations for public/private collaboration, data governance guidebook, investment readiness assessment of the European AHA market, and much more to explore! In addition, our IN-4-AHA participatory design toolkit is now available to support SMEs in their understanding of the process of participatory design. This toolkit interactively guides the user though the participatory design process, potentially helping not only SMEs but also policy makers and investors empower innovation for active and healthy ageing and living.

Other materials will be added over the course of the next four months, keep an eye on our social media channels for any updates. And… don’t forget to block 7 December 2022 in your agenda for IN-4-AHA’s final conference in Estonia!