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Discover the IN-4-AHA project outputs – Living Lab testing and innovation scale-up playbook (WP4 – D4.1)

This article is part of a series of editorials dedicated to discovering, at-a-glance, some of the most recent project outputs of the IN-4-AHA project.

In this article, we will focus on IN-4-AHA Living Lab testing and innovation scale-up playbook (D4.1), produced as part of the activities of Work Package 4 – Service testing and adoption.

To learn more about the playbook, we asked three key questions to Mervi Rajahonka, Senior Consultant at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk, lead partner for this IN-4-AHA product.

What is the IN-4-AHA Playbook? What is its focus?

The living Lab testing and innovation scale-up playbook offers guidance on how to test innovative active and healthy ageing (AHA) solutions in living labs and how to scale them up.

 The playbook builds on two approaches – design thinking and lean startup – which are based on the idea that the co-creation of innovations with customers and end-users leads to better results.

 Moreover, creating valuable and scalable innovations in the AHA field requires multidisciplinary collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders. One of the environments bringing stakeholders together and supporting such collaboration is represented by living labs.

Who is the IN-4-AHA Playbook intended for?

The playbook is intended for startups but also for all parties interested in living lab testing and scaling up AHA innovations.

What is the added value of this deliverable? 

One of the main objectives of living labs is to minimise the innovation risk and maximise the likelihood of successful market entry.

For AHA innovations, using this opportunity to test ideas and solutions is particularly important because the health and care systems, practices and legislation are different in each EU country. The playbook offers guidance on how to test innovative AHA solutions for scaling up. It also offers tips and practical tools for self-assessment.

Do you want to check out the IN-4-AHA Living Lab testing and innovation scale-up playbook? You can access it directly on our website here or download it in document format here. And do not miss the opportunity to visit our page to discover all other IN-4-AHA key outputs.

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