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Even if you have conducted successful testing on the target market, you must remember that pilot projects are conducted in a relatively controlled environment. So, information obtained during the pilot is not directly transferrable to scaling-up activities, and you’ll need to collect and analyse additional information.

The PREPARE phase might be very time-consuming – for example, there might be a need for awareness-building, improving data interoperability, setting up regulatory adherence etc. During the PREPARE phase the company actively sets up a tactical plan for initiating and running a large-scale implementation of its solution at the target market.

Questions to address:

  • What is the problem that your solution is designed to alleviate?
  • Which environmental aspects do you have to consider when scaling up?
  • What are your aims and goals for scaling up?
  • What is your solution and its value proposition?
  • Who are your main target group and who are other relevant stakeholders?
  • Which resources and partners are necessary for the scale-up?
  • How do you intend to monitor and evaluate the scaling up?